Industrial Cleaning Products for Your Toughest Challenges

Do you need environmentally-friendly cleaners or are you looking to degrease precision parts? Do you have immersion, spray, or electrocleaning equipment? Aluminum, iron or copper substrates?

No matter what your cleaning challenge or process, Hubbard-Hall is the only company with deep expertise in traditional solvents, next generation solvents and aqueous cleaners. We pair the right chemistry with the right equipment to give you a turnkey cleaning system.

Hero Products

Aquaease 2289


1-step: Clean, deox & brighten.
A single step organic acid cleaner that outperforms traditional alkaline cleaners & reduces the build-up of scale in the washing equipment.

Infinity Surface Intelligence


Take the risk out of cleaning.
A data driven technology for critical cleaning that allows you to solve, prevent and control ever-changing surface cleanliness needs.

Aquaease Infinity


Extended cleaning bath life.
The first cleaning and patented membrane system designed to re-use your cleaner, create less waste and improve quality.


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More than half of shops say they could save at least 10% of cleaning-related costs by resolving cleaning issues. Rework is the most common cost associated with cleaning issues, experienced by 93% of shops.

The Real Cost of Cleaning

The price of equipment and chemicals is just one consideration when looking at the cost of your cleaning operations.

The bigger cost comes from defects due to poor cleaning that cause rework, rejects and labor. In fact, job and captive shops attribute 17% of their quality defects to poor pretreating and cleaning.

Conversely, shops that adhere to a strict cleaning process:

  • are more than 4x as likely to have a 1% or lower quality defect rate, and
  • say they have 40% fewer defects due to poor cleaning

versus those with a loose process or occasional cleaning.

*Source: The Case for Cleaning. Understanding the consequences and costs of not cleaning well. Study of 285 job and captive OEM shops, sponsored by Hubbard-Hall and conducted by Gardner Intelligence.